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iluma is a new shopping mall catered for the younger generation. However, it is still a nice place to bring dad out as it is spacious and the trendy shops are great visual stimuli to get dad thinking.

Map: Location of iluma (source:

Photo 1: Main entrance

Photo 2: View from the highest floor.

Photo 3: The lower floors are the shops….

Photo 4: Plenty of space…

Photos 5, 6, 7: There are no stand-alone handicap toilets found.

Photos 8 & 9: Handicap lot only Level 4.

Photos taken with a Sony Ericsson Aspen.


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Anchorpoint Alexander

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If you visit the Anchorpoint before or after the lunch crowd, it can be quite a nice short outing.

On its website, it proudly states that “Anchorpoint is the first mall to introduce the concept of having a cluster of premium brand name boutique outlet stores in Singapore from retailers Billabong Outlet, Capitol Optical Outlet, Charles & Keith Outlet, City Chain Outlet, FOX Outlet Store, G2000, Giordano Outlet, Goldheart Outlet, Options 180, Pedro Outlet and SK Jewellery.”

Map: Location of Anchorpoint (Source:

Photo 1: The taxi stand.

Photo 2: Suggested drop off point when it rains.

Photo 3: Two handicap lots at B2.

Photo 4: The lift lobby is just opposite the handicap lots (just becareful of traffic coming from your right).

Photo 5: A ramp nicely ‘cut out’ for the wheelchair user.

Photo 6: Lift at B2 carpark.

Photo 7: Can be a squeeze for a wheelchair and four adults.

Photo 8: Plenty of space (Level 1)

Photo 9: Standalone handicap toilet on Level 1.

Photo 10: A better choice to move between floors is to use the cargo lift.

Photo 11: Basement 1 walkway.

Photo 12: Standalone handicap toilet at Basement 1.

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Jurong Point

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Jurong Point has grown to become one of the largest neighborhood hubs. It is not surprising since it is the only shopping centre for the growing number of residents there.

There is one concern I have with getting there. If you are taking a taxi, the drop off point is still quite open and you may get wet on a rainy day.

Map: Location of Jurong Point (Source:

Photo 1: Handicap lots at Basement 1.

Photo 2: Lifts are reasonably sized for a wheelchair and four adults.

Photo 3: It is quite spacious to push a wheelchair around.

Photo 4: The handicap toilet is heavily used by the public too.

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Liang Court

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Liang Court is a quiet place, especially on weekdays. It is probably better known for its Japanese supermarket – MEIDI-YA Supermarket.

Map: Location of Liang Court (Source:

Photo 1: I found a handicap lot on Level 3. But this is next to the exit of the carpark.

Photo 2: There are three glass lifts. A wheelchair user and four adults can squeeze in nicely.

Photo 3: Its walkways are spacious. No issues here.

Photo 4: There are standalone toilets. But don’t expect it to be dry and clean.

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Like most public gardens and areas, this is a nice place to bring Dad out (weather permitting) for a stroll.

As described on the National Park’s website, “HortPark is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting.”

Map: Location of HortPark (Source:

Photo 1: Drop off point is well covered. You just have to be careful of the traffic coming from the back!

Photo 2: The ramp is located at the back of the drop off point (Left of photo 1).

Photo 3: The big and airy foyer.

Photos 4 & 5: The handicap toilet at the foyer level.

Photo 6: The ramp leading to the basement level (located next to KHA restaurant).

Photos 7 & 8: Handicap toilet at the basement level.

Photo 9: Nice but sloped pathway to push a wheelchair.

Photo 10: A rest point at the end of the park.

Photos 11 & 12: The handicap toilet is located within the respective Gents/Ladies’. This is the interior of the handicap toilet in the Gents.

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Thomson Plaza

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Thomson Plaza is quite popular shopping centre but it is showing its age.

Map: Location of Thomson Plaza (Source:

Photo 1: The carpark gets filled up quickly during lunch time. So I do recommend that you go early. There’s a disabled parking lot (where the first red car is) near the travelator, but it is often in use.

Photo 2: So if you do arrive there later or when the disabled lot is in use, here’s what I suggest. Let the wheelchair user alight there, and then find an alternative parking lot somewhere else.

Photo 3: The long and sloped travelator. Just hang on to the wheelchair user!

Photo 4: Generally, the shopping centre is spacious.

Photos 5 & 6: Stand alone handicap toilet on every floor. Note the little toilet on the bottom left of photo 6, this toilet doubles as a “family room” too.

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HarbourFront Centre

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Formerly known as the World Trade Centre, Harbourfront Centre is probably better associated as a cruise embarkation and disembarkation point. As Harbourfront Centre is linked with VivoCity, it offers drivers an alternative place to park as well. I have one gripe here, the handicap toilets are in the respective Gents/Ladies.

Map: Location of Harbourfront Centre (Source:

Photo 1: Handicap parking lot. I found a nice one on Level 7, Lobby C.

Photo 2: It’s right next to the Lobby.

Photo 3: Lifts are ok. No issues there but do be prepared for the lunch and rush hour crowds!

Photo 4: Overview of the Levels and which level the carparks are at.

Photo 5: Quite spacious.

Photo 6: As this is a cruise terminal, there are plenty of taxis.

Photo 7: A ramp is located at the front of the taxi stand too.

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